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A Few of my Favorite Things…

I noticed after I began putting together my inspiration for today that I am really in love with light pinks and neutral shades (tomorrow will be bright, I promise). I also noticed that everything in today’s post are my favorite things. Starting with the color pink, what girl doesn’t love the color pink? I don’t own a huge hat, I think that will be my quest for this week/weekend, but I LOVE them and have decided I need one, much like this one. I love everything floral; the smell… the textures… flowers are all spring and that’s my favorite season. If I said I love sweets, that would be an understatement. Thank goodness for the elliptical because after all of the sweets I have had in the last week it is my best friend. Other things I love include fabulous silks, girlie boutiques, accessories with bows and adorable shoes. I ‘heart’ every one of my favorite things and I hope you love some of my favorite things, too. What are some of your favorites, I would love to hear!


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