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Oh My Stars!

**We were holding this post for Meet Me Monday, but today we needed to switch a few things up.**

Love never fails. If Christina Leigh Events had a motto, that would be it. We believe in love, the whole-heartedly, unconditionally and head over heels kind. That is why we love our jobs so very much. When you purchase the latest issue of Southern Weddings magazine, not only will you sigh, “Oh my stars,” but you can’t help but feel the love from the front cover to the last page. Christina is genuinely a romantic of the purest kind and with the sweetest heart. Blair, one of the truest gentlemen I know, evidently falls for her every day – eager to support her through everything and lives to make her world better. That’s because their love is real. Their marriage is like a song, harmonizing through every up and down. My heart swells into firework explosions when I see this issue because Christina and Blair were able to be a part of it. I see their music, I see their precious hearts and the hard work behind CLE’s mission visually translated into these stunning images. My own Big Man and I are so blessed to have Christina and Blair in our life. I couldn’t be happier, more proud or more honored to show you, in my humble opinion, Southern Weddings’ best issue yet! – Katie

If you are a big fan of Southern Weddings Magazine you know the V6 is out! Preorders shipped yesterday and fans were spotting the coveted volume on newsstands! I’ll be honest my hubby found one yesterday in Houston and brought it home to me because he knows what a huge fan of SW I am. I love that they beat from a huge,  loving heart and spread the message of having a marriage more beautiful than your wedding. If you have found the new issue, or if you have seen their post today you know where this post is headed. This post comes from a beyond blessed and completely honored person.

Let’s rewind a few months to the day I received an email from Emily Thomas at Southern Weddings. (Emily and I met in 2010 right after we both got engaged to our now husbands. We quickly found we had the same wedding date and have now deemed ourselves wedding date twins.) This email wasn’t expected, in fact it was very unexpected. She asked if Blair and I were available to be part of a SW shoot for the new issue a few days later! I was so excited and we accepted right away. Soon, Stefanie with Lavender Joy contacted me with her vision for the shoot – it was perfect! – and we started working on what Blair would wear. Since he is quite tall we had to pull from his closet because the samples for the shoot wouldn’t fit. 🙂 This was new for me to be a model and not on the design side of a shoot, but it was fun! I was thinking Heirloom Tomatoes and couldn’t wait to be part of something big, full of southern love and meet tons of great people!

Two days before the shoot I realized I hadn’t asked Stefanie what I needed to bring. So I asked the question, and got the answer “nude undergarments and we were thinking gold shoes for the bride.” THE BRIDE! You mean… “Yes, you and Blair and the bride and groom.” Holy smokes! Not only was I about to be part of something so true to the core of the entire magazine, but we were a big part of this something!

The day came and Blair and I had the absolute best time working with Ryan Ray and his wife Cary, (they shot last years V5 cover and are incredible) Stefanie and the entire creative team for this amazing shoot! Kids were laughing, the smell of pies and baked goods filled the air and we were stationed in a vintage barn from New York that had been transported to Texas and put back together as a home! We snapped a few fun pictures of the day and headed home full of gratitude.

Southern Weddings Behind the Scene Shoot

Fast forward to two weeks ago, Making Things Happen. I had met Lara once before, but it was so great to hug her neck again and meet the other speakers and the rest of the SW girls that I had not yet met. The first night of MTH Katie and I went to dinner with Kristin and Lisa (two of the precious SW ladies). Not only did they sweep us away to the most amazing place on earth, but we had dinner and conversation that filled my heart. These girls are real, and kind, and full of God’s love y’all! Katie and I expressed our excitement for V6 and I expressed my hope that I didn’t let them down with my model debut for the pages of V6.

Day two of MTH was incredible! The speakers all spoke about their business and team members. They spoke about their core and Lara was a ray of sunshine. She spoke so highly of the SW core and where they are after 5 years it set my heart on fire! To be a tiny part of the SW Blue Ribbon Vendor directory put me part of this core, part of this amazing small business and a part of Lara. Y’all day 2 was good!

Before our first break Lara and the SW team wanted to share something with us (this something I still can’t share yet) and then she had one more slide.

This slide.

Southern Weddings v6 cover slide

Southern Wedding v6 cover

Happy tears. Big fat, ugly cry, happy tears. Holy cow. My body went numb. My tiny “ah ha” moment from just a few seconds earlier (the one about how honored I was to be a tiny part of the BRV group) just got huge.  Over 85,000 lbs. of HUGE! My big handsome man and I are on the cover of Southern Weddings Magazine!

christina frederick of christina leigh events at the reveal of the southern weddings v6 cover
Images via: Robyn Van Dyke (Thank you from the bottom of my heart Robyn!)


I am still in shock and still beyond honored to be in this position. My heart is so full of love for this amazing group of women and their mission for SW. My heart is busting with love for everyone that cheered Blair and I on for our model debut. 🙂 I am beyond grateful to be in this moment and place and to be a part of this amazing family of creatives that cherish marriage.

Thank you Lara, Emily, Kristin, Lisa, Nicole and Marissa for everything you do. For pouring your heart and soul into the mission of Southern Weddings.

So skip, hop, jump or run out and snatch up V6 (CLEvents 2014 brides you will have a very special delivery soon wink* wink*)! Soak up every page of goodness – it’s good, real good y’all! Support this small business that is making a difference one magazine full of southern goodness at a time. If you’re outside of the South you can find V6 in the fabulous SW store!  When you get your copy tag #SWV6 on Instagram and Twitter to join in all of the SW fun!

Next week Blair and I are headed to Chapel Hill for the V6 launch party! I am so excited to introduce him to this family of amazing people and celebrate something so much bigger than one issue, a magazine dedicated to marriage!

Happy Friday friends!

xo Christina

PS Monday we have another, pretty awesome, super BIG announcement!


Lisa @ Southern Weddings - November 8, 2013 - 8:07 AM

Oh my sweet friend, we love you so much!! You already know how excited I am to have y’all on the cover so I will just say I can’t WAIT to hug you next week! So grateful for your friendship and your support of SW! 🙂

Emily @ Southern Weddings - November 8, 2013 - 8:08 AM

Hooray!!! Love this post so much! 🙂

Lara Casey - November 8, 2013 - 8:22 AM

We love you SO much and are so blessed to have you and Blair on our cover!!

Sweet as a Peach » Christina Leigh Events - November 12, 2014 - 6:56 PM

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