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A Labor Day Kind of White

Happy Friday, Friends! As most people know, it is a fashion foe paw to wear white clothing after Labor Day. While most of the time I’m pretty good about following that rule, there is one instance where I know the color could never be abandoned, and that is wedding planning. In fact, white is a staple […]

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School’s in Session

Happy Friday, friends!It’s back to school season and everyone is hustling about getting new school supplies and clothes. This is one of the busiest times of the year and marks the end of relaxing, vacation filled summers. So while I’ll miss pool parties and cookouts, I’m excited about one more must have event. Drumroll please. […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

Growing up they say that your mom is truly your best friend, and you won’t realize that until you are older. Even though I am not a mom yet, I can honestly say that my mom is my best friend. She molded me into who I am today with manners, an appreciation for the small things in […]

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It’s (Gonna Be) May!

Last night my Mr showed me a picture from social media of Justin Timberlake with the caption “It’s Gonna Be May,” and I haven’t been able to stop singing that song! Yes, May is here and  there is so much happening! I wanted to share some fun things with you all today! It’s voting time […]

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Meet Me Monday: Inspiration

On Monday mornings I love to begin my day gathering new inspiration. During the weekends I try to stay off of social media and it makes finding inspiration so fun. Anything from fashion, home and garden magazines to what I see out my own back door. I love visiting nurseries with my Mr and our […]

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