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City Soiree

The city is such a vibrant and beautiful place.Often, there is a rich blend of culture that provides the perfect atmosphere for a bride and groom that savor modern style. There is something special about being surrounded by so many people packed into one concise place. Most brides pick a culmination of flowers for their […]

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Flappers & Feathers

I always love when old styles inspire modern fashion. One of my favorite eras is the 1920s. This is the age of flappers, pearls, feathers, glamour and more. The 1920s was very different our world today, but a great place to find inspiration for a fun wedding design. This design is inspired by my favorite […]

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A Golden Anniversary

Recently, my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! They wanted a giant party with all the people they held dear, but absolutely no gifts. That  got me thinking about the traditional wedding anniversary gift list, and the gift of gold that is customary for 50 years of marriage. So, today I designed an anniversary party […]

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Meet Me: Lauren + Alex

Over the next few weeks we will be throwing it back for Wedding Wednesdays! We have missed a few very important celebrations, and while we did celebrate them we know that we missed sharing then with all of you! First up is Lauren and Alex’s first anniversary! You may remember Lauren from our One Year […]

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A Labor Day Kind of White

Happy Friday, Friends! As most people know, it is a fashion foe paw to wear white clothing after Labor Day. While most of the time I’m pretty good about following that rule, there is one instance where I know the color could never be abandoned, and that is wedding planning. In fact, white is a staple […]

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