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Creative Team: Bailey Banks & Biddle

We are so excited to kick off Creative Team Thursday’s where every wedding begins, with the ring! This month we are sharing some of our favorite engagement ring spots starting with one very close to my heart; Bailey Banks & Biddle!

Some of you may remember my proposal story and how my ring came from BB&B! Now, I don’t just love BB&B because that is were by beautiful ring came from (thank you hubby), but because they have it figured out! Their design studio is top of the line, and if you have a chance to visit one of  their locations their first hand help with designing a ring is top notch! These guys and gals have it figured out! Of course I have to give a shot out to the team in Houston at Town and Country Village  where my ring came from!

Guys, if you’re looking for a ring look no further! You can find them on the Web, Facebook and even Pinterest!

Here’s a virtual “high five”  to the Bailey Banks & Biddle teams across the US who are fabulous at what they do!

xo Christina

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