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Let There Be Peace

Hello, lovelies!

Christmastime is officially here. This year, I’m doing things a little differently by embracing this as a quiet month avoiding the busy that so easily infiltrates this season of peace and joy. Before we get too caught up in fantastic parties, shopping for gifts and getting tangled in light, I like to take a moment to pause and really embrace this season peacefully.

To me, some of the most amazing inspiration comes when I just be still, be present and savor this time of year. When I get quiet I can hear little footsteps pitter patter down the hall in excitement, take a full inhale of the pumpkin pie aroma in the kitchen and stand outside just to feel the feathery soft drift of snowflake on my cheeks. It is truly a magical time of year. Don’t forget to embrace it.


Katie O’Keefe


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