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Making Things Happen

Y’all! As I sit here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina I am so excited to type this blog post!

For the last 2 days Katie and I have been in a room full of amazing people who are making big (BIG) things happen at the Making Things Happen Conference! So many things happened in that room that I can not wait to share with you, but today I wanted to give you a peek at my experience.

You see, I have a heart for marriage. The deep in your gut, tingle you feel when everything in the world is right kind of heart. Love is so important, it’s truly what makes the world go ’round, and I love how “love” makes me feel. I love that our CLE brides and grooms and their family and friends all gush with that perfect, once in a lifetime kind of love. I love that the team at CLE gets to share in that love each and every day in our offices.

The past couple of days have set my heart on fire! I am so excited to take some big plans and place them into action. I am excited to take my heart for love, marriage and celebrations that matter and put some new plans into play. Don’t worry, you will be the first to hear of these things as they happen!

Outside of my heart for love, my heart was filled with some genuine, perfect love the past couple of days. I have new friends that have filled my cup so much that it is running over.  I know the Lord has placed in my life for such a time as this and I can’t wait to share these new friends with you all! They are truly remarkable people that are doing amazing things! A few of these new friends surprised me with a surprise that made my heart jump, happy tears pour from my soul and remind me of my drive to love hard and live for what matters. Just thinking about this surprise has me grinning from ear to ear right now and my heart exploding with gratitude. I truly can’t wait to share it with all of you!

I want to thank sweet Lara Casey, Emily Ley, Gina Zeidler, Nancy Ray, Amber Housley and Rhiannon Bosse for your fearless leadership and open hearts. Also, to each and every volunteer and attendee, thank you for sharing your big dreams!

I found it fitting to recap MTH for Wedding Wednesday. Today, I wanted share my heart for love and challenge you all to love. Whether you love on your boyfriend or girlfriend, your fiancé, your spouse of a few days, a few years or decades. Love on your family, friends and strangers. Love and love big!

xo Christina




Madi Sanders - October 23, 2013 - 1:37 PM

LOVE this! So happy for you! Can’t wait to see what is ahead!

Jessika Williams - October 23, 2013 - 2:15 PM

Eee on pins and needs to hear your big news! So happy to hear God is putting wonderful things into your life! <3

Christina L. Frederick - October 31, 2013 - 10:46 AM

Thank you so much, Jessica! God is good!
xo Christina

Christina L. Frederick - October 31, 2013 - 10:46 AM

Thank you so much, Madi! I can’t wait to share more soon!
xo Christina

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