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Meet Me: Brianna + Todd

Brianna and Todd celebrated their first anniversary on May 24 this year, but needless to say this is a happy belated anniversary wish. 🙂 We were so excited when Brianna wrote us a little bit about what the two have been up to their first year of marriage.

“Our first year together was wonderful and painful in a new growing sort of way. I suspect it’s how a tree must feel during spring, when it’s having to start its shape over again with only its branches for a frame.

The first two months of marriage we spent together were lovely, we started putting our lives and our furniture together, many of our friends were also getting married during that time.  We were also becoming acquainted with each others’ personal habits and all the quirky isms that make your partner YOUR partner.  Then Todd went to Georgia for four months for military training, over that time we spoke on the phone and skyped as much as possible but were only able to travel to see each other once.  So when I finished my semester I went to see him graduate his course and receive his blue cord. Readjusting to life together after so much time away was a challenge and a joy.  It is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder.  But getting to rediscover all the things we love to do together and enjoy in each other was worth the wait.  The last six months have been much more regular. I’ve been working my way through veterinary school and Todd’s been working and applying for the police academy. We got a dog in March, his name is Grant and he’s a Belgian Mallinois (a dog commonly used for police work).  I’ve attached a picture 🙂

Overall I’d say our first year was an adventure, we’ve definitely had our challenges but we’ve also had the joy of working through them and growing closer together.  I know we will continue to go on adventures together through this life, and I can’t help but think it is a wonderful way to live.” – Brianna Judkins

After looking back over their wedding images from James Walton Photography in their CLE Facebook album we couldn’t help but smile. We had so much fun at their reception just one year ago and wish that happy couple years and years of happiness! How wonderful is Brianna’s sketch from Debi of Illustrative Moments! We hope that you all love it as much as we do!

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Judkins!

xo Christina

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We couldn’t keep a picture of their precious puppy, Grant, from you! Thank you Brianna for sharing!


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