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Meet Me: Megan + Salvatore

The CLE Team is so excited to wish Megan and Salvatore a happy wedding week! The two will be married this Saturday at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and will celebrate at The Bird and The Bear with their family and friends! I have had so much fun getting to know these two and am so excited to introduce them to you today! Here’s Megan and Salvatore to tell you their story!

How did you meet?
From Megan: “Salvatore and I first met at a sports bar in Houston – I was watching the Longhorn game with a fellow Texas Alum and he had just returned from the season opener for his alma-mater, The University of Houston. We eyed each other from our prospective groups for at least an hour and after my third trip to the “bathroom” past his group, he finally reached out and said, “Hi, I’m Salvatore”. We closed the place down, sharing stories and interests. He called the next day to take me out to dinner that week and the rest is history.

From Salvatore: ” Megan and I met at a sports bar (Pub Fiction) after each of us were watching our alma mater during the opening weekend of college football. I was standing outside and the first thing I thought when I saw her step out of the cab was, “I hope she isn’t here to meet her boyfriend.” I told a buddy that we should step inside, and I looked around to where Megan was sitting and I stood in between her seat, the door, the bar and the restroom so that no matter where Megan went I would be able to say hello to her. I looked up and Megan was gone so I was looking around and finally saw her walking back to her table. I waited until she came by again and when she was walking back to her table I tapped her on the shoulder and introduced myself. When I told her my name she said, “Is that your real name?”. Then over a drink we made small talk. When Megan excused herself back to her table I asked her to stay and chat with me. When she asked why I responded by saying, “Because you’re the only person I want to talk to.” We went outside and talked the rest of the night. We both looked up and the bar was closing and we had been talking for hours. I walked Megan to her car and asked to see her again and for her phone number. After Megan drove away I was walking back to my car and stopped to sit down on a bench and think for a minute. I realized that I could sit and talk with Megan until the sun came up.  I immediately sent her a message telling her so and letting her know that it was amazing to meet her.”

How did you get engaged?
From Megan: “We knew very quickly how special our relationship was. Two years later, he got down on one knee on his beautiful family property near Victoria, Texas after wrapping almost 200 oak trees with red ribbons – it was quite a sight! We had spent many memorable camping trips on the property and it meant so much to both of us to begin this journey with family roots in mind. He had 25 of our closest family and friends waiting at the family house on the property for a surprise engagement party! We laughed, ate and drank the rest of the beautiful day away!”

Happy Wedding week to M + S! Don’t you just love their fur babies!

xo Christina

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