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Meet Me Monday: My Photographer

Ok, I have to admit that this is a post I have been saving, hiding from you and trying to figure out what to write that will relay my excitement! Yes, I know I have five whole months until my wedding to Blair, but I just can not wait any longer! Partially because my engagement pictures are this weekend and I know I will burst before then, so here it is… the big announcement… who is my photographer you ask? Well, you see… this guy knows what he is doing. He has the secret formula for breathtaking photos. He puts the most amazing mix of lighting, details and goodness into each and every shot. He knows when to capture the perfect moments, memories and details and wrap them all up with a pretty bow. So who is it? None other than the awesome Aaron Snow! Being an event planner I would lie if I didn’t say that me loving pictures was an understatement. I love everything about them, especially wedding pictures. From the proposal to the exit I burry myself in them every day and can never get enough. When it was time for Blair and I to pick a photographer I gave him a few of my favorites. Of course my favorites consisted of the few that shoot a ton of details, don’t over process every image, make the bride and groom look like a million bucks and put their heart and soul into what they do. Blair quickly saw the detail in Aaron’s shots and knew he was the one for us. Luckily we decided to change our wedding from May (that was a crazy thought in the first place) to September and Aaron was available. I am so excited to work with Aaron this weekend for our engagement pictures and for him to shoot my wedding to the man of my dreams. If you don’t believe me that Aaron is awesome just look at a few of the images below. I could have put so many images in this spot, but I couldn’t fit every image from his website and Facebook in one blog post. So, go ahead take a look for yourself at the goodness oozing from the computer screen.

xo Christina


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