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Oh Happy Day!

Happy Tuesday and what a happy day it is!

1. I am officially feeling back to normal! During the past few AMAZING days I have had a toxic sinus infection (according to my doctor) and whatever that means, I did not like it! Two antibiotics that made me super sleepy, not able to focus or hear and talk normal… It’s on its way out the door! I’m excited for a super awesome, make things happen, day!

2. It’s Southern Weddings official launch day! If you saw this post you know that I have a heart for this magazine. I love the marriage behind our clients weddings and I love celebrating love and events that matter most! Blair and I are so honored to be part of a magazine with a core that celebrates marriage and true love! Happy launch day ladies, we can’t wait to see you Thursday to celebrate #SWV6 and the Launch Party!

3. Our beautiful blog is up and running! We had quite the backlog of beautiful posts that needed to be transported over to the new site, and they are ALL THERE! I can not thank Jordanne enough for all of her hard work and amazing design! The site is so much better than I pictured! Head over to the blog and check it out. The address is now, but if you head over to the old site you will be redirected. 🙂

4. It’s 11.12.13! If you love numbers you love today. It’s considered a day of luck to have a date based on a number pattern. Today we are lucky, and blessed, to have more than 1,500 Facebook friends! We have had so many friends the past few days that it will no longer let us see all of your names! Welcome to the CLE page! If you aren’t our friend we would love for you to stop by and like our page to be a part of the fun!

I personally, along with the entire CLE Team, can not thank you all enough. I am so blessed by all of your love and support from the Southern Weddings family and our own family on the launch of our new beautiful website! Thank you to Emily with Something Gold Photography for our amazing team photoshoot for the new site! If you all have not seen her work head over to her site for gorgeous inspiration!

Have a happy day friends!

xo Christina

Thank you from Christina Leigh EVents Oklahome and Texas Wedding and Events PlannerImage via: Zazzle




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