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Real Wedding: D + N

It’s a wedding weekend and we have another fabulous CLE bride and groom to share with you!

I have known Damaris for a few years and I can honestly say she is one of the most kind hearted individuals I have ever met.  Just knowing Damaris I knew that Nick had to be a pretty awesome guy himself, and he is. When her mom called me to meet (before the two were even engaged) I could hardly contain my excitement! I am so excited for their wedding this weekend. Here is their story from Damaris:

“Nick and I were introduced by our good friend Lauren.  She texted me and told me she knew someone who was “smart, nice and has his ducks in a row”.  Lauren and I had dinner in Edmond one night and went to eat Frozen Yogurt afterward and Nick met us there.  She really played matchmaker in every sense.  Nick didn’t really say much the first five minutes because he was nervous, but eventually after both of our shyness wore off the conversation was great and he didn’t waste any time before he asked me on a date, he asked that night!  Our first date was at Sushi Neko in Oklahoma City, and eating Sushi together has always been one of our favorite things to do as a couple.  I always let him order for us so I am surprised, and he hasn’t gotten it wrong yet!

Nick proposed on August 3rd, 2013.  The day before, we were at lunch with one of my best friends, Lindy, when my mom called Nick (it was timed) and said we were eating lunch at the Philbrook the next day (Saturday).  I thought nothing of it. As it turns out, Lindy knew the whole time that Nick was proposing the next day.
The next day, Nick woke up and was looking at the weather online like he usually does every morning.  He kept saying he may have to miss lunch because the weather was looking questionable and he may have to go into work early.  We rode to lunch and he was still acting nervous about the weather, thinking he should’ve already been on the way back to Oklahoma City.  We got to the Philbrook, and it had just stopped sprinkling.  We sat down in the restaurant at the museum, when Nick looked at me and said, “Will you come with me?”  I knew then what was going on.  He led me to the terrace that overlooks the Philbrook gardens, which was closed because of rain, but the security guard let him out there anyway.
When we got out to the terrace, Nick gave me a beautiful book.  In the book were movie tickets from all of the movies we had seen together, fortunes from all the fortune cookies, and a beautiful bible verse and letter to me.  On the last page, my sister had cut out a space for the ring that was intertwined with gold wire and beading, and it was so whimsical…but the ring wasn’t there!  Nick got a hilarious look on his face, told me to “hold on a sec”, and he ran out to the car to get the ring!  He ran back to the terrace, was out of breath as he got on one knee and so sweetly asked me to marry him.  He is so precious and I love the pictures that my mom captured.
We went back home for a couple of hours after lunch, and my friend Jill called me and wanted me to come over so she could hear the story and see Nick and I.  We got ready, drove over to Jill’s and we walk in the door to a surprise engagement party everyone was in on except me!  Our best friends and family were there, so excited for both of us.  We all shared a time of food and fellowship.  It was a day I will never forget.”
How perfect is their story! We can’t wait for their wedding this Saturday!

xo  Christina

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