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Remember 9.11.01

I don’t know about you, but I remember exactly where I was sanding 11 years ago today when I heard the news. A small group of us were entering our leadership class. We were supposed to be the leaders of the school; student council, FCCLA, etc.; you name it and the president of that organization was in that class. Our teacher, Mrs. Clark, wasn’t in the room when we arrived, but news about the first world trade center had slowly started to fill the halls before our class. Mrs. Clark came into the room, someone informed her about what students were talking about and the next thing you know we were standing in the cafeteria watching the news. Frozen, scared, not exactly sure how to handle what was happening – just watching. I believe that day restored hope in America. In the midst of the largest attack the USA had ever seen complete strangers risked their lives, lent a hand and defined the true meaning of America. So, thank you to the service men and women serving our country, the police and fire men and women who protect us day in and day out, the complete stranger who has come to my side for event the smallest thing. In America we have a bond that only Americans do and I love seeing red, white and blue in the little things. It’s the shoes lined up on the steps, the accents in a room, books stacked upon each other or pretty letterhead that remind me what it is to live where I do. So, in the midst of this crazy life, politics, work or whatever it is you are facing remember what today means, remember to pass on the story of September 11, 2001 and remember where you are and everything we are truly blessed with in our daily lives.

xo Christina

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