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Hello, lovelies!

My Big Man and I have been discussing a second honeymoon for the past few months. Planning your honeymoon can sometimes be as confusing and time-consuming as planning your wedding. My tips? 1) Hire a travel agent. Or as I liked to call ours, our fairy vacation godmother. 2) Compromise. I want the ocean, he wants to be active. Ask your fairy vacation godmother to find a place that offers what you both love. 3) Be prepared to sleep, a lot. More than likely, your honeymoon is one of the first vacations you’ve both received in a while. And while climbing mountains and paddle boarding sounds awesome, give yourself some time to rest and soak in the marital bliss. 4) Pack light. You want to bring some options for dinner and activities, but do try to omit anything extraneous and bulky. 5) Take pictures. I’m serious. You will want to remember this time together. Even if it’s a simple Polaroid or your iPhone, take time to capture these precious memories.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!


Katie O’Keefe


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